by Dr. Sheila Pope

It has been some time since I blogged. Today, I wanted to share my latest Boss Lady Podcast. I added music and I finally recorded in an area without distracting noises. In this podcast, I share my experience with being locked out of my commercial lease space. Yes, if you failed to read the fine print of a commercial lease, you can be locked out! I love being an entrepreneur but there are several challenges. Each day I learn more about how to handle crises. Moreover, I learn every day to keep my integrity regardless of the cost.

My Job as the Producer of Conversations with Dr. Pope

Special Guest: Judicial Candidate Robin Burgess, Brazoria County Court No.4

I am excited to share a little bit of the behind the scene work as a producer. I cannot wait for my conversation with Judicial Candidate, Robin Burgess, to air on Houston Media Source Television.

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The First Episode!

by Dr. Sheila Pope

It finally happened. The first episode of my television show, “Conversations with Dr. Pope” finally aired on Houston Media Source Television. I filmed the footage at Worthing High School on August 18, 2018 during their Second Annual Southside Takeover Parade. I was lucky enough to work on creating and helping to organize the very first parade with Peoples United Summit. 

I was also a former English teacher at Worthing High School. I put in so much time at Worthing High School those three years, I would shut the building down. Literally, I left when the janitors left. I got to know the community well because I attended games and everything else they had at the school. I was immersed. I was determined to have my students show improvement on the English II exam. They did! We had the highest growth rate out of all of the areas tested on STAAR that year. However, that was not enough to move the school from the Improvement Required list.


Filming My First Production

Worthing had been on the Improvement Required list for six consecutive years. TEA was threatening to shut them down and the HISD School District down due to low performance on STAAR.  However, in August of 2018, Worthing students turned it around. They performed well enough to move from the IR list to Met Standards.


I wanted to celebrate their success and talk to the people who serve Worthing High School. I was so blessed to have 10 people share their time with me on that extremely hot day. Some of the people who stopped and had a conversation with me were local officials: Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Wanda Adams, HISD Board of Trustee, Judson Robinson II, President & CEO of Houston Area Urban League, and State Representative Shawn Thierry. Mr. Allen Provost, Treasurer of Peoples United Summit and administrator at Worthing and Bryan Tigner, Math Instructor and Kappa League Sponsor at Worthing also took time out from their duties to have a conversation with me. I honored to interview three of my former students too.

Making the transition from educator to community leader was awesome. Making the transition to television producer was scary. Yet it felt so natural. I am glad my first production was created at Worthing High School! I love the students and the staff. I felt at home. It was familiar. I could make mistakes and laugh at myself and my guests were nice to me. I was so busy, I forgot to get photos with my guests. Luckily David Janise took a picture of me interviewing State Representative Shawn Thierry. It is the only photo I have of me filming! My hair was not camera ready, but I did not let it stop me. I wore my hat my mother gave me and move forward with my plan. The parade would not wait for me and it only happens once a year. As a producer, I realized I had to seize the moment.

Filming took two hours, checking out equipment two hours (drive and planning), and editing took days.  I worked on editing in my home office, at McDonald’s, and other places. My video had too much light throughout the video. I had to work some magic during the editing process.  Then, uploading all of the data took time. I had to add tags, titles, and purchase license for music. I made sure I had my guest sign media release consents. I worked so hard to make sure my work reflected me and made my guests look their best.

After all of the effort, I was able to have my first show air on Houston Media Source. It was great to see my show’s name on the schedule. It was awesome to watch it on television. I was fantastic to read my program schedule. I am so glad I became a producer. Thanks to Houston Media Source, Mayor Sandra Massie Hines and Allen Provost my dreams are now a reality. I will continue to get better and grow!


Conversations with Dr. Pope Air Dates & Times for http://www.hmstv.org

After all of my hard work in August 2018, my showed premiered on September 11, 2018! The dream was real. I waited until the show aired two times before I uploaded it to YouTube. I swear it two days to upload it to YouTube. Here it is Link to watch it!




Making Your Best Next Move!

By Dr. Sheila Pope

September 8, 2018 was a long but productive day! I was able to film my segments necessary to secure my series on Houston Media Source. My program would air without the series, but I like consistency! I love to tell our followers the exact day and time “Conversations with Dr. Pope will air”!


Reginald Guillory, Guest on Conversations with Dr. Pope

I want to thank my guests, Reginald Guillory Sr. and Reginald Guillory. They were so patient with me today. Thank you, Millie, for your help and support. We filmed for three hours in a secret location. We had a wonderful dinner together to debrief and celebrate this moment a huge moment.

Reginald Guillory Sr and Reginald Koran Guillory, I appreciate your honesty and your transparency about your experiences with the criminal justice system, its impact on your relationship, and its impact on the re-entry process. I hope your stories will help others who have found the courage to turn things around. I hope your stories will empower other ex-offenders to get a plan before they make their next move!


Celebrating with My Guest and Nephew Reginald K. Guillory.

I am proud to be the CEO of The Next Move Re-entry Program 501c3. I believe I am using my platform to empower and encourage ex-offenders to make their Next Best Move! I will post the air dates for the episodes soon. This will be a three-part series! You will learn a great deal from watching a father and son share their experiences with incarceration and its impact on their lives and their children’s lives. It has been a great deal of work to make my show come to life. I appreciate everyone who has played a major role today. My family was not broken by the criminal justice system. It is now being held because of our experiences with it.


Second Episode of Conversations with Dr. Pope: The Candidate Robin Burgess.

By Dr. Sheila Pope

Wow! I am so excited to announce the second episode of my television show Conversations with Dr. Pope is currently airing on Houston Media Source Television Show.

During the filming of my first episode, I had issues with an extremely bright sun. I was outside during the filming but I did not have the camera on auto. This time, I filmed this episode in Studio B at Houston Media Source. As a producer, I had to make sure everything was set up properly. I wanted to ensure my client was comfortable and was seen in her best light.

I am becoming a better producer with each episode. This episode is my first sponsored project! Judicial candidate for County Courts Law #4 Robin Burgess sponsored this show. I am so glad she used me as her producer. She is hoping to be the first African American judge I’m Brazoria County.

I learned so much about her during this interview. I know you will too. Enjoy the full episode! Get to the polls during early voting to let your voice be heard!

Episode 2 of Conversations with Dr. Pope

Sneak Peek into Conversations with Dr. Pope: The Candidate Robin Burgess

By Dr. Sheila Pope

I had a wonderful opportunity to speak with the judicial candidate for County Court Law #4, Robin Burgess. We had an outstanding conversation about her decision to run for judge in Brazoria County. She could be the first African American female judge in Brazoria County. Here is a little sneak peek. I will post air dates for Houston Media Source Television later!

Burgess 22

Building Takes Time

Building Takes Time!

A year ago, I drove to Austin, TX to create my first Offender Education Program. I was nervous to start the program because my money was low and I did not know what to expect. At the time, I had two people on board to partner with me.

Road to Austin

Stepping Out on Faith!

My sister Michelle Batise allowed me to stay on her couch, my son Christopher Pope kept my young children, and Allen Provost and Peoples United Summit partnered with me to attend classes. Today, Mr. Allen Provost serves as a community Partner with Next Move Re-entry Program.

Today, I am proud to announce, my nonprofit celebrated its first year of existence. The purpose of The Next Move Re-entry Program 501c3 to help ex-offenders meet the legal requirement for DWI Court Required Classes, start their own companies, and to reconnect with their families. My company, The Resource Center, provides Texas State approved DWI Education Program. I am the administrator and administer for two programs.

Thank you to everyone who beloved in me a year ago. This year, I am focused on serving ex-offenders and making money to expand our services.