Self-care is Required to Conduct Business

by Dr. Sheila Pope

After walking around with my hair looking for a perm, I decided I needed to make adjustments and get a stylist in Pearland. When my hair is not right, I am not right. I do not feel confident. I represent my brand, so my hair must look its best even if I do not feel my best.


A hairstylist helps their clients transform inside and out. I needed a new hairstylist. I had one for over 10 years, but she did not value my business. I had a new one for a couple of months but her shop was too far from my home and she was late for appointments. I had put my need for a stylist to the side for almost two months. I normally had my hair styled every two weeks. Due to transportation issues, working from my home office, and a new budget, I put me to the side once again.

I do not like to play with my hair. I am growing it out and I have psoriasis. It is important to have an experienced stylist. So, I do not change stylist quickly. I knew on Thursday morning, I had to make a change. My self-care went to the top of the list again.

Getting Rid of Gray

I realized my gray hair was crawling all around my face. I knew I had tons of new growth, but I could not bring myself to look for a new stylist. I had a client request a meeting for next week and I could not wear a hat to the meeting. Can you see at all that gray around my face? Some folks say gray hair indicates you are wise; I believe it indicates you are getting old.

Before going to the stylist!

On Thursday, I took a leap of faith to find a new hairstylist. I went on google and found Salons by JC in Pearland on Pearland Parkway by Below 5.

I was concerned if there were any African American stylists inside the salon. After reviewing Salons by JC website, I discovered each stylist had their profiles with an individual website. I ran across Rashida’s profile photo and decided she was the one.

Miracle Worker

I went into Salons by JC and it was beautiful and professional. The Salons are all independently leased. Rashida’s suite was #7. Seven means perfection. She has her own shop since I first published this post.

Worthing High School Connection

I could not believe she was a Worthing High School graduate with over 20 years of experience in haircare. This was important because I used to teach at Worthing High School. I have been advocating for Worthing students for years. Rashida has worked as a stylist since she graduated from Worthing. Not only was she a graduate of Worthing High School, she knew one of my former students JaMarcus Hebert!

We are Business Women

Look at God! As she worked on my hair, she shared everthing she was doing to my hair. Her suite was zen and peaceful. She is smart, professional, and openly rocks God too! She and I talked business too. We discussed square footage and cost of suites. We exchanged ideas and ways to make money. It was a great experience and I left looking 1000 times better than I did when I entered Suite 7. She is my stylist from this point forward.

Ladies, if you want an excellent hairstylist, contact Rashida, “The Beauty AmbassadoRe” at Astonished Look Hair Studios 713.806.7746. She serves all clients regardless of hair texture. Cost of services was on point too!

16 thoughts on “Self-care is Required to Conduct Business

  1. I’ve never been super particular about y hair because I change it so much but it’s definitely true that if you don’t look your best, you likely won’t feel your best. Self-care is super important!


  2. Its so true, when you get your hair done you feel like a whole new person. I’m so glad that you found a stylist and she walked you through the process. More people should do that because we have all heard of the horror stories about people receiving perms and cuts when they didnt ask for. I still have not found a salon hairstylist.


  3. Kita says:

    I drive over an hour for my stylist. And that’s without traffic. Yes it is that serious. I love when my hair is done. Makes me feel good all over.


  4. Kiwi says:

    I hate when you have to switch up and find a new stylist. I am glad you found a good stylist that aligned you up with what you wanted and she will be your go-to for your hair now!


  5. I totally get the desire to have a stylist that you trust. I live in Dallas now and still commute to Houston when I need my bundles installed. I’ve been with the same girl since 2013 and there’s no stopping now!


  6. Leslie says:

    I moved to a new city and have not found anyone yet! I know the feeling of when you have someone you love and trust. Glad you are happy with experience.


  7. staciesayzso says:

    Isn’t it a good feeling when you find a stylist you love? Mine went on to do Will Smith’s hair and I haven’t found anyone since.


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