Building Takes Time

Building Takes Time!

A year ago, I drove to Austin, TX to create my first Offender Education Program. I was nervous to start the program because my money was low and I did not know what to expect. At the time, I had two people on board to partner with me.

Road to Austin

Stepping Out on Faith!

My sister Michelle Batise allowed me to stay on her couch, my son Christopher Pope kept my young children, and Allen Provost and Peoples United Summit partnered with me to attend classes. Today, Mr. Allen Provost serves as a community Partner with Next Move Re-entry Program.

Today, I am proud to announce, my nonprofit celebrated its first year of existence. The purpose of The Next Move Re-entry Program 501c3 to help ex-offenders meet the legal requirement for DWI Court Required Classes, start their own companies, and to reconnect with their families. My company, The Resource Center, provides Texas State approved DWI Education Program. I am the administrator and administer for two programs.

Thank you to everyone who beloved in me a year ago. This year, I am focused on serving ex-offenders and making money to expand our services.

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