Another Successful Dissertation Client!

By Dr. Sheila Pope

My SECOND dissertation client called me to share her exciting news: her dissertation was approved by her committee and it has been sent to her school for final approval!

I have coached my client through stressful times and edited her work for the last year. I tell my clients, “I am here until the end”. Sometimes it takes a while for the end to arrive. I had the honor to edit her proposal, her ethics paper, her Capstone project, and her final Capstone Report!

Trust is Required
I am glad my client trusted me to help her accomplish her goal. She was not always happy with my feedback, but she listened and respected my knowledge of Capella’s process. We spent a great deal of time via the phone and I will miss her, but I look forward to working with her in other professional endeavors.

Capella’s Capstone Project
Capella University has cut down the time it takes to earn a doctorate in Education. My client contracted my services in September 2017 when she was ready to write. I am proud of her! I have TWO clients preparing to defend this month!

Two Opening!
I have openings for two more Dissertation Clients. I can only take a couple at a time. I stay until the end. I provide clients with several opportunities to talk with me via phone and email. I thoroughly edit and return work with feedback to help clients secure their mentor’s approval. I coach clients through the creative process and through conquering milestones. I celebrate their success like it was my own. I love this part of coaching. Getting the phone call makes my day!

Using Adobe Voice to Advertise for Study Participants by Sheila Pope

I decided to enroll in a professional development workshop in Adobe Education Exchange on Friday. I quickly discovered Adobe Voice. It is an app for iPads users. The app allows users to tell a story in a few minutes. It was so easy to learn and use. I found several ways to use the app to help increase my productivity.  I decided to incorporate it in my emails to possible study participants. The could get a general overview of my study in minutes. information. The videos are easy to design because there are several themes, layouts and options for sharing your videos. Here is my story using Adobe Voice. The request is real. If you happen to read this post and know of someone who fits the profile, please contact me. I want to complete my dissertation by the end of this summer.