Read to Serve on Pearland City Council

by Dr. Sheila Pope

On January 18, 2019, I felt empowered and ready to take my life in a new direction. I attended Brazoria County Democrats Executive Committee Meeting and I looked around the room and realized I needed to do more. I have served as a Brazoria County Precinct Chair, Election Judge, and I have been a delegate to several Texas Democratic Conventions, including the 2018 convention.

To be honest, I never saw myself as a politician. Instead, I identified as a Community Leader! Yet something was stirred in me when I watched Houston City Council member Amanda Edward’s video about the issues that I cared deeply about. She created opportunities for female business owners in Houston. She held a Senior Empowerment Expo. I love advocating for seniors. When I watched the videos, I saw myself doing the same thing in Pearland. We do not have a female serving on the City Council and I can solve that issue by volunteering to serve.

In order for me to make those changes in Pearland, I would have to run for a position on the City Council. On January 18, 2019, I decided to add my name to the ballot for Pearland City Council Position 5. This was a huge leap of faith! I will keep you posted on my next steps.

Adding My Name to the Ballot

Attending Brazoria County Democrats Executive Committee Meeting

My First Luncheon As Candidate for Pearland City Council

By Dr. Sheila Pope

While I Attending my first luncheon with the Pantsuit Republic of Pearland, I had a great time sharing with the Pantsuit Republic Pearland! I am grateful for the information and strategies provided by the members of the group. Luckily, I know most of the members of the group. I learned what members felt was important for me to do to help serve their communities and agendas.

Darcy Bryan-Wilson, the founder of the group, has always been passionate and honest about her thoughts for change in Pearland. I respect her. Moreover, I love her honesty. I will get to work on the suggestions she gave me. I am honored to know and serve with this strong progressive group of powerful women. We are all different, but we understand what it takes to impact Pearland in a positive way. Women should be represented and their voices should be heard on Pearland City Council.